Saturday, November 16, 2013

J'ai initié cet événement __Expérimentation télématique@Eastern Bloc

    Though the ubiquity of high-speed networks seems to brings us ever closer to the fantasies of Virtual Reality, we should remember that the technological precedents for telemusic stretch back as far as the advent of telephony.   Christopher Haworth

Le Lab d’Eastern Bloc convie ses membres et sa communauté lundi le 25 novembre à assister à une performance musicale en réseau, aussi appelée télémusique et musique télématique.

À cette occasion, les musiciens montréalais invités, Joseph Sannicandro, Andrea Jane Cornell, Silvano Mercado et Esther B. performeront en temps réel avec les étudiants du Dr Christopher Haworth, de la classe de télémusique du département de musique de l’Université de Calgary. Basée sur des jeux d’improvisation, ils interprèteront ensemble une partition graphique en réunissant deux lieux géographiquement éloignés dans un même espace-temps de création.

Le centre présente en première une expérience de télémusique dans l’optique d’explorer les possibilités et le potentiel qu’offre la technologie de la téléprésence en tant qu’instrument et véhicule d’idées. Les performeurs et le public sont appelés à porter une attention particulière aux caractéristiques offertes par de ce médium, telles que les effets de délais et les variations de résolutions sonores. Ainsi les forces et les faiblesses du système deviennent des composantes à part égales. Il s’agit de ressentir l’instant présent sous différentes perspectives, en tenant compte qu’il se renouvelle constamment en aller-retour, entre la perception de l’espace sonore numérique et celui du lieu immédiat. Investir ces espaces sonores c’est aussi observer leur superposition et leur entrelacement.

Andrea Jane Cornell : accordéon et électroniques
Silvano Mercado : banjo et ordinateur
Joseph Sannicandro : console de mixage, délais/loop pédale et lecteurs de ruban magnétique
Esther B. : tourne-disques

Ensemble de laptop :
Alyssa Aska, Simon Fay, Brian Garbet, Christopher Haworth

I initiated this event__Telematic Experimentation

Eastern Bloc Lab invites its members and community to a networked musical performance, alternately called telematic music on Monday November 25th, 2013.

The event will include real time performances by Montreal musicians Joseph Sannicandro, Andrea Jane Cornell, Silvano Mercado and Esther B. and the students of Dr. Christopher Haworth’s telemusic course from the University of Calgary’s department of music. Together, through improvisation and experiment, they will interpret a graphic composition by connecting two geographically distant locations in a single space-time creation.

The center’s event is the first of its kind to showcase a telemusical expérience. The aim is to explore the possibilities and potential telepresence technology gives us, as an instrument and vehicle for ideas. The performers and public alike are encouraged to tune into the features offered by this medium, such as delay effects and variations in sound résolution. The strengths and weaknesses of the system are equal créative components in the exercise. It is about experiencing presentness from different perspectives while taking into account the constant state of renewal that occurs in the exchange between digital sound space perception and our perception of the immediate environment. Investing in these sound scapes is about observing how they superpimpose and interlace.

Andrea Jane Cornell: accordéon and homemade electronics
Silvano Mercado: banjo and laptop
Joseph Sannicandro: mixing board, delay/loop pedal, and tape players
Esther B.: turntables

Laptop Ensemble:
Alyssa Aska, Simon Fay, Brian Garbet, Christopher Haworth

Andrea Jane Cornell is a sound and radio artist and improviser based in Montreal, Canada, who revels in the practice of everyday listening where the sonorities present in any given environment can be likened to an assemblage of musical instruments randomly orchestrated by its inhabitants.

Silvano Mercado is an independent film music composer. Coming from a traditional and classical training, his late work has been mostly focused on sound textures, electronic production, and field recording. However, he still loves acoustic instruments, trying as much as he can to extract its hidden natures.

Joseph Sannicandro is a writer interested in aesthetics and technology. He works with tape loops and field-recordings, exploring the potential of limitations.

Esther Bourdages works in the visual arts field as a writer and curator. She study sculpture in the expanded field (site specific art, installation) in relationship with sound and digital art. Performing under the name Esther B., she plays turntable, (man) handles vinyl records, and records soundscapes. She is actually president at Eastern Bloc.

Alyssa Aska is a composer who writes both acoustic and electroacoustic works. Recent works make use of live processing of electronics and gesture control and tracking.

Simon Fay's research is focused on the composition, performance, and improvisation of electronic and electroacoustic music, and the creation of software which facilitates the creation and performance of such music.

Brian Garbet has composed acoustic and electroacoustic music for film, theatre and concert. In 2002 he was a Jeu de Temps/Times Play national prize winner for his composition Ritual. He has received airplay and performances across Canada, the United States and Finland.

Christopher Haworth is a sound artist and writer from Preston, Lancashire. His research interests are in sound synthesis, the technological use of perception in sound composition, and the history of music technology. He is currently exploring these aspects in relation to networked music and telepresence.